. Starry Fever is no more

Starry Fever

is no more.

We can no longer sit back, and watch this man bring
death to our country, and death to our brothers and sisters
across the globe.
There are more important things going on in the world today
than Lindsay Lohan's latest reading on the scale.

This blog is no more.

Joey is going to help out at mirefresco.blogspot.com,
where Mazzy has already been for the past month.
There are no hi-res pictures of celebrities there.
There are no juicy tidbits on Keira Knightley's underwear.
It isn't a sequel to the Tom Cruise Blog.

But we're going to do what we can.
In the Middle East, perhaps 100,000 people have died
due to the actions of a madman,
in the name of a false and murderous ideology.

No more. Do something -- do anything.
Write letters to your senators.
Start conversations, whether on a local or on a global scale.
Blog your thoughts.
But don't be complicit, and don't be complacent.
Children don't deserve to lose their parents
simply because they were born
in the wrong part of the world.
There is no wrong part of the world.
We are all connected.

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